Farewell! Goodbye inefficient interviews

Enjoy convenience and efficiency in our information age

UpMeGo is an online video CV service for employers to screen and assess candidates’
soft skills which is the key for successful recruitment
UpMeGo is fully functional and user-friendly.



More information than paper CV! The videos provide insight to evaluate soft skills.

Any Time

No scheduling issues. Candidates take the interview in their own time. Employers could review confidentially at any place, any time.

Any Where

The employer can dramatically reduce travel costs and the environmental impact by handling most of the interview process via video.


Enhance the candidates’ pool, more options and more precise to the job’s most key requirements


No more phone interviews and much less first round interviews. Saves time for HR, line manager, decision makers.


Candidates have more information of jobs and your company. Higher successful rate on recruitment.


Post Questions

Corporate clients post positions on UpMeGo with certain video and written test questions.

Send Out Invitations

UpMeGo will invite the chosen candidates from corporate clients to answer questions online.

Upload Videos

Candidates upload videos with their answers to video questions and answer questions online.

Review Answers

Corporate clients review candidates' answers and decide who are qualified for next round face to face interviews.

To Candidates:

• Don't be shy to present yourself, nobody is perfect and the purpose is to have a better understanding of your character.

• Shooting videos is very simple, you can do it with your mobile phone or computer.

• We care about your privacy and security. The corporate clients can only see your video with your permission. You are WELL Protected!



UpMeGo services is suitable for hiring all candidate levels; also suitable for candidates from all industries, basically fits for any jobs requiring interviews.

Job Agents

How to be more competitive from your peers? With UpMeGo's video interview services, we help job agents increase performance, reduce lead time with higher efficiency.


It’s a great opportunity to show your difference compared to paper CV. You can see how you behave in a video to practice your interview and presentation skills.

Our Services



minutes saved for each interviewer


Overall recruitment efficiency


times faster than phone interviews


cost saving on travel expense


much more information than just paper CV

Want to know more?| a little about us

Video interviews provide rich insight and transparency. All candidates in the process answer the same questions for a particular job ensuring fairness and a uniform, structured approach to select the most appropriate candidates.

Convenient and easy-to-use system. You simply set the questions. We will invite your selection of applicants to record their interview. Candidates are given simple instructions about recording their job interview. All they require is a camera and a computer with internet access. You are automatically notified by email when a candidate has completed their video. When it's convenient you review the recorded responses collated online, and evaluate and compare candidates. You can also share with your colleagues before deciding which candidates to invite for face-to-face interviews.

We are 3rd party so no matter where your candidates applied for the jobs, their information is secured and won’t be shared.